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Connecting AG Business Worldwide
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WorldAG, Inc. (WorldAG) is an Internet portal company encompassing all aspects of agriculture. Our scope is global. WorldAG's mission is to be the premiere portal serving agricultural enterprises anywhere in the world. WorldAG is the ultimate resource for purchasing, selling, learning, research, news, weather, and finance and general information impacting all aspects of agriculture and livestock operations. The company provides trade opportunities for agricultural commodities and related products and services around the world.

WorldAG introduces new technologies continuously and combines them with innovative marketing. This accelerates sales, improves services and is responsive to on-line audiences worldwide.

WorldAG develops strategic business partnerships in key sectors creating synergies that benefit our customers and on-line users. WorldAG is poised for major growth as an Internet portal delivering incredible value to its audiences through out the world.

WorldAG's philosophy is to provide exceptional customer service, utilizing innovative technology, human resources and partnerships to deliver a "customer centric" approach to serving our on-line customers.

Ronald H. Hagen, Founder & Chairman.

Mr. Hagen is a successful entrepreneur with extensive experience in the development and management of businesses in a wide range of industries.

As founder and president of Hagen Marketing & Communications, Inc., established in 1970, Mr. Hagen built a marketing and publishing empire representing major arts and sports associations and leagues. During the mid-80s, Mr. Hagen created The Hagen Network, presenting the finest in emerging, participatory sports, as well as traditional college and special interest sports, to millions of households across the United States. Hagen Network productions have appeared on a variety of major national sports.

Mr. Hagen's latest venture, First Thunder Feeds, Inc., is a unique nutritionally-based feeds company; it was created after 10 years of involvement in the product development and marketing of animal feeds for such companies as Colgate's Science Diet Equine Division.

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